Bodhi Pilates

If you are someone who does not like to lift weight or run those extra miles to stay fit. Join our Bodhi Pilates session, it’s a fun and creative way to wo suspend your different body parts using two independent ropes tied on the top from the center with 4 different suspension points. These suspension points are used to do movements suspending different body parts and increasing their strength. Bodhi Pilates uses gravity and inner core strength to increase the body’s flexibility, strength, and balance.

Bodhi pilates tests your core strength, you never say any attitude, your stamina, your perseverance and your commitment towards healthy lifestyle.

Full-body workout
30 mins in session and you will feel the difference in your body, bodhi pilates challenges your entire body movement and is a complete body workout regime.

Improves flexibility

Bodhi Pilates helps you improve your body flexibility and make you more agile. Best for the individual having a stiff body and weak core.

Helps in rehabilitation

If you are recovering from an accident and are left with a weak injured part, Bodhi pilates can help you restore your near to real movement and gain strength.

Improves your body movement

Bodhi Pilates helps you improve your walking style, and your flexibility, makes you fast, increases your strength, and helps you to improve your overall body movement.


Bodhi pilates is done using ropes under expert supervision and complete precaution, it allows you to suspend your body parts from one another and build stamina and improve your inner strength.